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Are you buying a pizza oven from us? Do not forget to order a pressure regulator. You need this to connect your gas bottle to your pizza oven. So you can start baking the tastiest pizzas as soon as the oven is inside. These gas pressure regulators are universal and also suitable for your barbecue.

Set contains: pressure regulator, 2 hose clamps, 150 centimeter hose.

Which set do you need for which oven?
Edil planet pizza oven: 50mBar set
Ooni pizza oven: 30mBar set
Barbecue: consult your manual, but usually 30mBar

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Gas pressure regulator set 50 mBar

This gas pressure regulator of 30 or 50 mBar is especially for pizza ovens and barbecues. Basically all appliances on gas.

Includes 150cm gas hose and clamps.
This is a complete set so you can get started right away. You secure the hose together with the supplied clamp on your oven. On the hose side, tighten the pressure regulator on the gas cylinder and secure the hose with the remaining clip. It’s super easy and anyone can do it.

For all gas models of Edil planet you use a 50mBar :

Use 30mBar for all Ooni pizza oven models.

Connect the pressure regulator to your gas bottle, tighten it well using a spanner or Bahco wrench.
Take the gas nozzle (gold colored) that came with the oven. Turn it through the screw thread on the gas inlet of the Edil Planet oven which is located on the right rear of the oven. You should also tighten this well with a small wrench or Bahco. The end of the gas hose is now connected to the gas nozzle.

The Edil planet is designed to operate on a 50Mbar gas pressure regulator. Ooni ovens operate at 30mBAR.

Atomizer at the Edil planet ovens

The gold colored gas nozzle that you screw onto the back is essential for the correct use of this oven. This valve atomizes the gas and injects it under high pressure into the gas tube of the oven. This allows the oven to reach high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius.

It is therefore normal to see a flame entering the oven at the back of the oven. This is not unsafe, the oven is designed for this.

In our video you can see how the gas nozzle is mounted on the oven. The gas hose is connected at the bottom. With the wheel you can regulate the gas supply, and thus the temperature. The gas is injected into the oven from the nozzle head.


The result is this beautiful rainbow flame.

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