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When making pizza, not only the recipe is important, but also the right tools. This allows you to work faster and neater and to bake the perfect pizza!

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Dough scraper professional XL

A professional XL dough scraper is indispensable to get the dough out of the dough crate in a nice shape. You have put so much time and effort into making and rising your pizza dough. Then there’s nothing more frustrating than having to tear your dough out of the crate. In addition, pizza bases that are scooped incorrectly also become square rather than round.

Length : 9.5cm
Weight: 10 grams

Because this dough scraper is made entirely of durable plastic, it bends easily and does not scratch, making it even easier to scrape your dough.

Although most of our customers probably only use a dough scraper for the pizza balls, it is actually a multifunctional tool for the kitchen. You can also use this dough scraper to cut off portions, scrape empty a mixing bowl or smooth icing on a cake.

How do I remove pizza dough from the crate?

If you use our handy crates for pizza dough, it is very easy to remove the balls. To start, you can sprinkle some flour over your dough. This is especially useful if the bulbs are glued together. If necessary, stick the dough scraper on the edges of the balls that are against each other. Then insert the scraper under your pizza sphere with some downward pressure. Do not immediately remove the bulb in one go, but start with 1/3, then lift the bulb with your other hand by the loose part. Then remove the entire sphere from the crate with 2 more movements.

Now throw the ball in the flour and cut off any protruding edges of the dough with the dough scraper. That’s the way they do it in Italy too!

Need even more to bake the perfect pizza? At Hollands Kaashuis you can find handy pizza tools as well as the best pizza ingredients .

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