Edil Planet Pizza oven Pizzaiolo – large Italian gas oven for pizza

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This pizza oven is for the serious pizza maker. This model has a baking surface of no less than 72 x 60 centimeters, so you can bake up to 4 pizzas at the same time! Also ideal for the professional bakers of restaurants and food trucks. But also cool to build in your outdoor kitchen or to put loose in the garden!

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✅ Includes free Pizza starter pack, consisting of:

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Pizza oven Pizzaiolo | gas

The pizza oven Pizzaiolo is a gas-fired oven with an internal size of no less than 72 x 60 cm. Big enough to bake 4 Neapolitan pizzas at the same time (in just about 60 seconds!). This model weighs 95 kilos and is very suitable for pizza catering, for example at festivals and other events. Or for the home baker who wants a professional oven in his garden.

The Pizzaiolo pizza oven has an extremely high insulation value, so you don’t have to fire endlessly. This reduces gas consumption. The stone guarantees high performance and a constant temperature for several hours of use.

Make sure that the oven is placed on a good, solid surface. We recommend a stainless steel base or a table with a stone top . Never place the oven directly on a wooden surface, they will get too hot for this. You can place a stone or garden tile between the oven and your wooden top, then there is enough insulation.

Edil Planet gas ovens are supplied without a gas pressure regulator. We recommend a 50mBar pressure regulator. Don’t have these at home? Then you can order it here.

Do you want to protect your oven against wind and weather? Then you will find a suitable cover here.


Outside dimensions: 98 cm wide x 76 cm deep
Inner dimensions: 72 cm wide x 60 cm deep
Weight: 95 kilos
Pizza stone: Handmade Etna lava stone
Maximum temperature: 500 degrees Celsius
Colour: stainless steel
Warranty: 1 year

Pizza oven Pizzaiolo in short

  • Innovative design: the parts are made of stainless steel and treated with a powder coating. This makes them resistant to high temperatures.
  • Stainless steel housing : allowing you to reach high temperatures in minutes without using a lot of gas.
  • Lava stone : the pizza stone is made of stone from the Etna volcano . The stone retains the heat for a long time and gives a unique taste to every dish.
  • Insulation: the professional insulation keeps the oven warm for a long time. This way the oven consumes little gas.
  • Thermometer: Pizzaiolo has a built-in thermometer that indicates the temperature in the oven. This way you can arrange it directly and easily.
  • Door: the oven door has a handle that fits comfortably in the hand.
  • Perforated wood basket: Thanks to the steel perforated wood basket, you can easily place firewood without it getting on the food.
  • Ready to use: Pizzaiolo wood oven is easy to assemble. After placing the chimney, it is ready for action!

With starter pizza package

With this pizza oven you will receive a free pizza starter package consisting of:

2kg Caputo Pizzeria
2kg Caputo Nuvola
1kg Caputo Cuoco
1 jar Caputo yeast

Do you want to see the oven? Feel free to visit us in Tholen (Zeeland). Please call in advance so that we know you are coming. Anyone who comes to pick up their oven can immediately take it with them and receive a discount of €50! (not valid in combination with other promotions).

You can also order directly. If the oven is in stock and you complete your order before 10:00, we will deliver the oven within 3 working days.

Here you will find the manual for all Edil planet pizza ovens.

Additional information

Weight95 kg
Soort oven


Max. temperatuur (°C)






Kookoppervlak breedte (cm)


Kookoppervlak lengte (cm)



Stainless steel


Handmade Etna lava rock


1 year


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