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Bresaola is a dried and brined beef product. It is produced according to the Italian recipe and hung out for 3 months under the right humidity.

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This makes this Bresaola hard and dark red. The taste can best be described as lean, soft in structure and with a sweet matured taste. This is the one and only bresaola Punta d’Anca, and we get it directly from Italy. So if you want to buy bresaola cheaply, you’ve come to the right place.

This concerns whole pieces of meat. Would you like sliced Bresaola? Then look here. These 500 gram packages are ideal for carpaccio, or on a pizza!

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Origin: Italy
type of meat: Beef

Ingredients: Beef, salt, dextrose, flavors, preservative E250 and E252.

The story of Bresaola

Bresaola comes from Valtellina, a long valley in the north of the Alps. This is the Lombardy region in the north of Italy.

If you really want to know everything about bresaola, read our blog about this wonderful product here.

It is a lean, dried and salted beef sausage. This delicious product has an IGP quality mark, this quality mark ensures that this product may only be made by a handful of butchers in the Lombardy region. Of course all according to the same recipe so that the taste is guaranteed. You literally pronounce the name bre zow la.

Compared to other meats, Bresaola is very lean. This is because it is made from a specific cut of beef, and the outer fat layer is removed before the production process. You can compare this product with a Parma ham , but made from beef. The taste is slightly calmer and deeper. It is a tender and tasty piece of meat. It is also best when sliced thinly.

How is it made

The basis is beef from grass-fed cows. The fat is then removed from the required pieces of meat. Then it is rubbed with salt and all the spices that are needed. Including salt, black pepper, blackberries, cinnamon and garlic. Ultimately, the product has a deep red color and a wonderful aroma from all these seasonings.

This product can also be made from horse meat. This variant is even darker and almost black in color. He’s also a little sweeter. At the Dutch cheese house we sell the beef variant. Enjoy your dinner!

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