Fresh black summer truffle

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Fresh black summer truffle of the tuber aestivum vitt type. Truffles are a special product, but everyone can still make something delicious with truffles. No matter how well you can cook. We recommend that you read the description below carefully so that you can enjoy this beautiful product the most.

TypeTuber aestivum vitt
Seasonsummer truffle
HarvestApril to August

Een luxe houten truffeldoosje toevoegen?

Een luxe houten truffeldoosje toevoegen?
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Fresh black summer truffle

Fresh black winter truffle of the tuber aestivum vitt type. Truffles are a special product, but everyone can still make something delicious with truffles. No matter how well you can cook. We do recommend that you read this article carefully so that you get the most out of this wonderful product.

The summer truffle is ideal for garnishing dishes. Think fresh pasta , meat dishes, eggs and beautiful pieces of game.

The photos accompanying this article are really of our truffle hunters. These are the people and dogs that searched for your truffles. How cool is that?!

This truffle is taken out of the ground in the spring and summer. The taste of black truffles varies throughout the year. They are soft in the summer. In the fall, the taste is already slightly stronger. The black winter truffle is without doubt the strongest in taste (except for white truffles). At this time of year, the truffles are also the most expensive.

How much truffle should a dish have?

It is best to leave a large amount on a dish to allow the truffles to come into their own.

Starter: 5 to 10 grams per plate
Main course: 10 to 15 grams per plate

Scrape the truffles thinly so that as much “flavor surface” as possible is released. It is best to use a truffle slicer for this.

Buy fresh summer truffle in season

As indicated above, this black truffle is taken out of the ground in the summer. It is a real seasonal product and is therefore not available all year round. Curious when the black summer truffle is in season? Read it in the chart below.

How powerful is the taste of a truffle?

It is important to have realistic expectations when ordering fresh truffles.

Black truffles smell very lightly like a beautiful perfume, but also have an earthy scent. After all, they come out of the ground.

Many people expect a very overwhelming smell and taste of truffles because they are used to truffle tapenades and the like. Artificial flavor and aroma enhancers are often used for tapenades and the like. This is not the case with fresh truffles! The winter truffle is the strongest tasting black truffle of the year, but do you want a huge overwhelming scent that makes the whole living room smell like truffle? Then go for our fresh white truffles.

Flavor Strength
Summer truffle (Aestivum Vitt)
Autumn truffle (Uncinatum Vitt)
Winter truffle (Melanosporum)
White truffle (Magnatum Pico)

The truffles we sell come from a highly specialized truffle supplier and are world class. We order truffles twice a week and they are cooled and brought to the Netherlands by plane. We always have fresh truffles that were still in the ground 2 days ago .

The smell and taste are therefore very delicate. That is why you do not heat your truffle in your dish, but only grate fresh truffle over your meal afterwards. You can put a lot of truffle over it.

How do you store fresh truffles?

Wrap fresh truffles in kitchen paper , place in an airtight container or glass and store in the refrigerator. It is best to replace the kitchen paper on a daily basis. With good care, fresh truffles can be kept for 6 days after you have received them from us.

If the truffles show a little bit of mold, but still have a firm structure, then you don’t have to worry. You can brush them clean and they are still edible. After all, the truffle itself is a fungus. If you do not remove the fungus, a wet spot will form and the truffle will become inedible.

Color, smell, taste and consistency of fresh truffle

The size of a truffle varies from 2 to 9 centimeters in diameter and the weight from 5 to 60 grams. The outside is brown/black in color and the flesh varies from white to brown, depending on how old the truffle is when it is found and what time of year it is. The smell of the winter truffle is slightly stronger than the autumn truffle, with an earthy nutty scent and good ripeness.

This truffle can often be found in the shade of the following trees :Fresh truffle search

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • poplars
  • hazel
  • Pine tree
  • Linden

A truffle is a fruit that comes from a fungus, this fruit grows exclusively underground. This makes a truffle a member of the fungus family. Truffles are extremely difficult to find, which is why they are such an exclusive delicacy.

It may just be that one day truffle hunters can’t find anything in a specific place. After a night with the right weather conditions (humid), beautiful truffles can be found in the same place the next day. It can go that fast!

It is best if you slice the autumn truffles in wafer-thin slices over your dish when it is ready . It is preferable not to heat the truffles too to prevent loss of taste . Do this preferably with a truffle slicer for best results. Truffles are very suitable for beautiful sauces. You can, for example, mix the truffles with extra virgin olive oil , garlic, salt and pepper. Delicious with pasta, fish, meat, game, salads, risotto and ravioli. Whatever you make, these truffles will make any dish unforgettable.

Finding fresh truffles with dogs

Because truffles are very difficult to find, animals have been used for this search for a long time. Many animals have a much better sense of smell than humans. For a long time, pigs were the big favorite. However, this presented difficulties. It went slowly and often when a truffle was found it was already eaten before the farmer arrived.

Today dogs are used to find the truffles . This goes much faster. There are certain breeds that are used for this.

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