Cheese doll farm girl and boy

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This yellow cheese duo in traditional costume has a typical Dutch appearance and is therefore particularly suitable as a gift or business gift. They are made from farmer’s cheeses, so they are also very tasty!

All our gifts are of course delivered to the recipient’s home without an invoice.

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They are so cute, this cheese doll of a farm girl and that of a boy. Nice to give and to receive.

Contains 2 x 500 grams of farmer’s cheese.

Possible shipping: Worldwide
Refrigerated shipping: Not necessary
Type of cheese:: Semi-hard cheese
Origin: Netherlands
type of milk: Cow
Fat content: 48+
Allergens: Milk, Lactose
Vegetarian: New
Raw milk: Yes
Nice for: Give a gift
Edible crust: New

Natural cheese ingredients: Raw milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, carotene, sodium nitrate, calcium chloride.

Cheese doll farm girl and boy

That we have stopped wearing clogs and traditional costumes for a long time walking around doesn’t matter at all, because tourists still love this nostalgic image. And let’s be honest: such a peasant’s cap is also quite cute. If there is also cheese involved, the typical Dutch picture is complete.

Dutch farmers pounds

You may find it a shame to take a bite of these cheese dolls, but at the same time it would be a shame not to taste this delicious cheese. The dolls are made from two farm pounds. Boerenkaas is authentic cheese that is still made by hand on the farm. Raw milk is used for this, which makes for creamy cheeses with a deep, intense flavour.

Would you rather order a farmer’s pound without traditional costume? Of course we also sell these at Hollands Kaashuis. Choose a tasty farmer’s pound for yourself (we sell no fewer than 10 flavours!) or, for example, give a farmer’s pound with cheese board as a gift. You can also contact us for other beautiful cheese gifts. A cheese package , for example, always works well. Or put together a cheese gift yourself with different products from our webshop. We will then turn this into a beautifully wrapped gift. You will find tasty cheeses and unique cheese gifts at Hollands Kaashuis!


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