Sliced prosciutto di Parma | 500 grams

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This ham tastes delicate and sweet in every slice. Delicious with fresh fruit or over a typical Italian dish. You can order sliced prosciutto di Parma quickly and easily at the Dutch cheese house.

Content: 500 grams

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Sliced prosciutto di Parma

A pack of sliced prosciutto di Parma weighs 500 grams. This ham is sometimes called the absolute king of prosciutto. This Italian meat product is perhaps the most famous ham in Italy. It can therefore be found in countless dishes: in pastas, salads and paninis, but it also goes well with a pizza. Or how about the classic combination with a piece of melon? It is a raw ham and that is what makes it so unique. It is therefore best to add the ham after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Content: 500 grams.

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To protect the quality of the ham, the production of Parma ham is monitored by the “ Consorzio di prosciutto di parma ”. They guarantee that the ham with this quality mark is made according to their strict quality requirements. So you can be sure that you are enjoying an authentic piece of Italy.

Unsurprisingly, this dried raw ham comes from the province of Parma. The climate in this region contributes to the refined taste of the final product. The ham is only made with Italian pigs and contains no preservatives or other artificial additives. Prosciutto di Parma therefore only contains meat and salt.

The result: a delicious ham with a delicate, sweet taste that you will recognize from thousands!

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At the Hollandskaashuis you will find a large selection of Italian hams . You can buy these individually or as a whole ham. It is of course very cool to put a ham in a stand at a party, and to have every guest cut a piece off himself. Whole hams don’t have to be terribly expensive. You can buy this whole ham that weighs no less than 7.5 kilos for only €199.95. For that you have an absolute top quality ham at home!

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