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Just like the Provolone, this Italian cheese is matured on a string. For example, the cheeses hang around in a cool and dark ripening room for a few weeks so that the taste is optimal before we send it to you.

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Scamorza affumicata

Scamorza affumicata is a smoked cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a semi-hard cheese with a firm structure. The cheese goes well with pasta dishes or Italian ham .

Content: 200 grams

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What kind of cheese is it?

It is a semi-hard cheese from Italy that is made from cow’s milk. This cheese looks a bit like provolone and is also made according to the pasta filata method. With this method, the fresh cheese is placed in warm water so that it is easy to knead. Then the cheese is stretched a few times and kneaded into a ball.

Scamorza originates from the south of Italy, but nowadays it is also made in many other regions. The name of this cheese comes from the verb “scamozzare”, which in Italian means “to leave out a part”. This again comes from the action the cheesemaker makes by breaking off the top part of the curd and rolling it into a ball.

Scamorza is the oldest cheese in the history of the Campania area, this was found out because images of this cheese can be found in historical literature from the 1600s. According to a myth, this cheese was accidentally invented while making Provolone that accidentally got too sour.

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cow's milk, pastturized


hard cheese








cow's milk, lactose



Vegetarisch of vegan



Netherlands & Belgium, unrefrigerated


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