Young cumin cheese

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This is a classic with a twist. Fresh cumin spice is added to the Gouda young cumin cheese during the production process.


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Young cumin cheese

After the production process, this young cumin cheese ripens for about 6 weeks , the shortest ripening time of all Gouda cheeses. This is a 48+ cheese, which means that this is not a very fat cheese. Yet this is a very creamy and soft cheese and that makes it perfect for breakfast or lunch. With the delicious taste of cumin, this is a Dutch classic!

What exactly is cumin cheese? We’ve devoted an entire blog to it. You will find everything about cumin cheese in our knowledge center.

With young cumin cheese you can combine endlessly, how about a sandwich with cumin cheese, or a quiche with cumin cheese. Cumin cheese is also a regular number on a cheese board. You can find cumin cheese in a number of different ages, for example we also have old cumin cheese , which has a harder structure, slightly fuller taste and less creamy.

You will find the best and tastiest cumin cheese at the Dutch cheese house

Cumin cheese is a very popular Dutch cheese . If you want to buy cumin cheese, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have very good quality cumin cheese, but we also have cheap cumin cheese. Our cheese is cheaper than in the supermarket or at the cheesemonger, but of better quality . It is best to order cumin cheese at the Dutch cheese house.

Cumin cheese sandwich

Many people doubt whether cumin cheese can also be used on a sandwich. You can safely put cumin cheese on a sandwich , this gives the sandwich a delicious twist! Cumin cheese is made from the same recipe as any other cheese, with only fresh cumin added. This gives the sandwich an extra taste dimension. We do recommend using young cumin cheese, which has the best melting properties.

fun facts

We have some fun facts about cumin spice, cumin has been around for many hundreds of years. A bottle of cumin oil has been found near the tomb of Tut-ankh-Amun. Cumin contains a lot of iron and there are even more healthy nutrients in it. It is also good for digestion.

Enchiladas with young cumin cheese (for 4 people)

We have a great recipe for enchiladas with young cumin cheese. Nice to make for dinner, but also nice as a snack.

What do you need:

3 chicken breasts of about half a kilo in total.
1 cube of chicken stock
100 grams of young cumin cheese (other cheeses are also possible, it just depends on what you like)
Some good tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
A jar of jalapeno peppers
1 can tomato paste
3 teaspoons Mexican tex mex seasoning (brand doesn’t matter).
4 Mexican tortillas
A cup of crème frache of 200 ML


Unwrap the tortillas and spread with tomato puree. Don’t finish the can, a quarter is enough. Then cover 1 side of the tortilla with chicken slices. Keep the edge free as it will be easier to close later. Sprinkle the whole with tomato, freshly chopped garlic and the Spanish jalapino peppers.

Then top with the young cumin cheese, grate or slice, it doesn’t matter. Roll the tortilla tightly and place them side by side in an oven dish. Take the crème frache and spread it over the ends and sides of the tortilla.

You can also grate some fresh cheese over the top of the tortilla, which makes it extra tasty! Mix the stock with water and pour a little into the saucer. Then in the oven at 175 degrees for 30 minutes. Enjoy your dinner!

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