Old light cheese

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Gouda old light cheese 30+ is full of flavor and yet responsible, partly because the cheese is made from semi-skimmed milk. The cheese therefore contains 40% less fat than a 48+ cheese.


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Old light cheese is matured for 14 weeks.

Old light cheese

In old light cheese you will find the best of both worlds. A full flavor with a lot of character, and little fat.
Because the cheese makers use semi-skimmed milk when making this cheese, they can determine the fat percentage of the cheese before the process has started.
This cheese then matures for a few months until it is classified as “old”.

The delicious old cheese has salty bits and a crumbly structure, as you are used to from old cheese. But the cheese is safe to eat.

Spaghetti with mackerel and old light cheese:

Today we have a suggestion of spaghetti with mackerel and old light cheese.

300 gram Italian Pezullo spaghetti (you can find it here in our webshop)
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (you can find it here in our webshop)
50 grams old light cheese
A whole smoked mackerel
4 fresh tomatoes
2 lemons
Fresh parsley
1 clove of garlic
2 shallots


Buy the spaghetti al dente in some water with a little olive oil, after cooking throw the spaghetti in the colander and rinse it with cold water so that it does not cook through.
Add a dash of olive oil so that the spaghetti doesn’t stick together.
Skin and fillet the mackerel , remove all the bones.
When the fish is clean, you can cut the mackerel into cubes.

The tomatoes may be cut into large pieces, all sa and seeds must be removed. You can squeeze 1 of the 2 lemons, but keep the juice. Cut the other lemon into cubes.
The parsley can be removed from the stalks and cut into pieces.

To work

Take a large sauté pan and add some olive oil to the pan over medium heat.
The garlic, shallots and leeks are allowed here.
Bake for 4 minutes until it starts to brown. make sure that the garlic does not get too dark.

If this threatens to happen, simply turn the heat down a bit.
The spaghetti can now be thrown in, warm it up for a few minutes.
Now add salt and pepper to taste, then the lime juice, mackerel, parsley and tomato.
The fire may now be nice and high and toss the whole thing a few times. The pasta can now be divided between the plates.

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