Farmer’s pound with a taste

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A farmer’s pound is a mini cheese directly from the farm. The great thing about this cheese is that you can ripen it yourself at home! When purchasing 10 or more pieces you will receive a 10% discount, use the following discount code at checkout.

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A 500 gram farmer’s pound is super fun to give as a gift to a cheese lover.

Possible shipping: Worldwide
Type of cheese:: Semi-hard cheese
Origin: Netherlands
type of milk: Cow
Fat content: 48+
Allergens: Milk, Lactose
Vegetarian: New
Raw milk: Yes
Nice for: Ripen yourself
Edible crust: New

Natural cheese ingredients: Raw milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, carotene, sodium nitrate, calcium chloride.

Farmer’s pound of 500 grams in 10 flavors!

We have these farmers cheeses in many different flavors and colors. That makes it extra fun to combine them together! They are available in the flavors nettle, fenugreek, green pesto, garlic & onion, cumin, mustard, natural, pepper, sambal and tomato.

Always keep a farmer’s pound cool and dry. The outside of a farmer’s pound is made of wax. You can compare this structure with candle wax. You can safely store them cool and dry. But don’t pile farm pounds on top of each other. Then the cheeses will stick together. So handle it with care.

Farmer’s cheese is made from milk that comes directly from the cheese farm. The milk is processed into farmhouse cheese within 24 hours of milking. If you are curious to visit cheese farms, you can look here .

We also sell the farmer’s pound in various gift packaging, you will find them here.

Ham and farmer’s cheese pie

You can also make fantastically beautiful dishes with this cheese. We are happy to give you some inspiration!

What do you need:

6 puff pastry sheets
2 fennel tubers
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground pepper and salt
2 spoons of green pesto
100 grams of ham
150 grams of farmhouse cheese (doesn’t matter which flavor)
4 eggs
2 dl cooking cream


If you turn the oven on at 200 degrees Celsius, the cake can go straight into the oven. The puff pastry can also thaw for a while.
Take a cake tin and place a baking paper in it, but grease it so that the cake does not get stuck.
When the puff pastry has thawed you can place it in the baking tin, make sure everything is covered.

You can tie the leaves together nicely by pressing the edges together with your fingers.
If there is still excess dough hanging over the edges, you can easily cut it off with a knife.
Poke holes in the bottom of the mold and dough with a fork. Then we pre-bake the mold in the oven.
Place the mold with the dough in the middle of the oven, after 12 minutes it can be removed again.

The 2nd phase

The oven can now be turned down a notch at 190 degrees Celsius.
Now we are going to get started with the ingredients, the fennel can be cut into strips.

The green of the fennel can be kept as a garnish. Take a wok or a stir-fry pan and add a good splash of extra virgin olive oil.
The fennel can now be added, after 10 minutes the freshly ground pepper and salt, green pesto and half of the farmer’s cheese can be added.

Wait for the dough to cool down

When the dough has cooled down, the bottom can be covered with the gammon.
Then the mixture of fennel and cheese can be scooped onto the ham, spread it well over the bottom.
Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them together with the cream, now pour this over the cake.
The cheese that is left over can now be grated over the cake, the cake can now go back in the oven for another 25 minutes. Enjoy your dinner!

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fenugreek, Garlic and onion, natural, Sambal


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