Italian frothing milk | latte

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If you are a coffee lover, have a nice coffee machine and buy top quality coffee beans, it would be a shame not to use good frothing milk for that. Try our foaming milk from Polenghi!

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Italian frothing milk

Drink your coffee like they do in Italy with real Italian frothed milk. This milk has been specially pre-treated so that you will soon have a delicious layer of foam on your latte macchiato .

Content: 1 liter

These cartons of milk come from real Italian cows and have a volume of 1 liter.

A real barista knows, for good coffee you need good ingredients. That means top quality coffee beans and top quality milk. This Polenghi milk is used in Italy by the best baristas.

And you can’t beat the price, these cartons of milk only cost €1.45 each. The milk is pasteurized and can be kept unrefrigerated before opening.

So if you are ordering cheese anyway, surprise yourself and add a pack of real Italian foaming milk. This way you will spoil yourself with the best coffee you have ever drunk! We explain below how you can easily make a delicious latte macchiato with this frothed milk.

Making latte macchiato

You don’t need much for a good latte macchiato:

1 espresso
130 milliliters frothing milk


  1. Heat the milk and froth it. Pour the frothed milk into a mug or glass with a capacity of approximately 160 milliliters.
  2. Let the milk foam rest for a while and make a cup of espresso in the meantime. In our webshop you will find various types of coffee beans for a real Italian caffè . With this you can easily make a good espresso at home, which also forms the basis of the latte macchiato.
  3. Pour the espresso into the center of the milk foam. This creates the beautiful layers of a typical latte macchiato.

Enjoy it!

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