Caputo red & blue pizza mix 2.5kg

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It is an eternal discussion among professional pizza bakers. Which flower is better now? Caputo red (cuoco chef) or blue (pizzeria). For many of our business customers we mix a 50/50 composition of these 2 flower varieties. Because there is also a demand for this mix from home bakers, we now also offer it in 2.5 kg bags on our consumer webshop.

Content: 2.5kg bag

Because we process these mix bags in our own packaging department, they are delivered in a transparent plastic bag.

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Caputo red and blue pizza mix

Mulino Caputo Di grano Tenero topi 00, or pizza flour for Neapolitan pizza from the Caputo brand. This is a mix of blue and red caputo. This type of flour is 00, which is a baker’s term for flour made from common wheat .

Content: 2.5kg
Flour type: 00
Protein: 12.75%
Dough and gluten strength: W 280/295
Elasticity: P/L 0.50/0.60

Because we process these mix bags in our own packaging department, they are delivered in a transparent plastic bag.

Type 00 mix is suitable for making professional pizzas that rise for approximately a maximum of 36 hours and are baked quickly at high temperatures. This type of flour makes the dough elastic and full of flavor. This flour has a protein value of 12.75% and contains a high gluten content.

Genuine original Caputo flour that we buy directly from the Mill in Naples.
Do you want to know all the details about Caputo flour? Then read our blog here.

We are busy with cheese all week, but when we have the weekend off, we like nothing more than making pizza. That’s why I like to share the authentic recipe for pizza dough that we got from a professional pizza baker from Italy

Share a photo of your pizza like other enthusiastic home bakers! On this page we share all submitted results and recipes . That is of course also an ideal page to gain inspiration and share tips! We raffle a pizza package among the entrants every 2 months!

Don’t forget to order flour that you can roll out your pizza in so it doesn’t stick to the counter. We recommend Caputo semola .

What is the difference between Caputo pizzeria and chef?

Let’s assume that you bake a delicious pizza with both types. The choice for pizzeria or chef is often one of personal preference. Professional Italian pizzerias bake with both. It just depends on which pizza baker you meet. We do have an explanation that makes your choice easier.

Caputo Pizzeria:

This is a type of flour with a slightly less strong gluten structure than red. This is ideal for dough that rises for a shorter time (up to 24 hours). Because the gluten structure is weaker, the yeast can ferment faster. 24 hours is the minimum rising time we recommend for a real Neapolitan pizza. We can therefore say that pizzeria is better suited for dough that rises unrefrigerated .

The elastic gluten structure and soft starch help to perfectly hydrate the dough. It is light, fine and rises perfectly. This is the ideal flour for a real Neapolitan pizza. This dough is suitable for baking at high temperatures in a short time.

Caputo chef (formerly cuoco):

Ideal for dough that rises longer (+- 48 hours). The longer your dough rises, the more complex the taste becomes. If you leave dough to rise for longer than 24 hours, we recommend storing it in a cold environment (refrigerated, or colder if room temperature). We can therefore say that Caputo chef is better for dough that rises chilled . This ensures that the dough rises less quickly and therefore does not ferment too far. If your dough is flat, has superficial air bubbles and smells like alcohol, it’s fermented too far. The gluten structure of Caputo chef is stronger than that of Caputo pizzeria, the W value is 300 and that of blue is 260.

Caputo is the basis for pizza dough

Caputo pizzeria is a good base for pizza dough and is actually very easy to prepare. Everything starts with good products. Good quality flour of type 00 and Caputo yeast . You only need water and salt .

With us you can easily order all the ingredients for a professional pizza. Surprise yourself and get started with this flour. You will see that not much can go wrong and that it is quite simple. Everyone can put a real Italian pizza on the table with Caputo.

In addition to flour , you will also find tomato sauce , cheese and meat products .

A pizza made from Caputo flour is also delicious if you grate fresh Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan cheese over it afterwards.

Caputo pizza flour for Neapolitan pizza

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