Caputo Criscito | sourdough | mother yeast

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Criscito is dried and exhausted yeast. It is obtained by mixing water and flour of type “0”. It gives your dough even more flavor and fluffiness.

Content: 1 kilo
Ingredients: Flour of the type “0
Contains gluten

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Caputo criscito for sourdough

Caputo criscito for sourdough gives your dough that extra boost it needs. It is a product of the famous Caputo family from Italy. On the front of the bag is Criscito de casa Caputo. In other words, sourdough mother yeast from the house of Caputo.

This mother yeast has been in the Caputo family for many generations and is special for making sourdough bread. By mixing this mother yeast into your dough, you ensure that your dough has the complex taste and structure of sourdough. Otherwise you can only get such good sourdough with yeast that has been passed down through generations . This yeast is therefore inactive, which means that the dough will not rise from it, but will get that deep taste of ancient bread.

This mother yeast is ideal for baking sourdough bread, but beware! it is not a substitute for yeast.
If you are looking for caputo yeast to make your bread or pizza dough rise, click here.

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Yeast is a product that is sometimes passed down in families for generations. The older the yeast, the more complex the taste. You can also make yeast at home by putting caputo flour and water in a glass jar. Now leave it out of the fridge until bubbles form after a few days. This is yeast, no more, no less. As soon as you remove yeast from the pot, replenish the yeast culture with flour

How do you use mother yeast

Mix 30 grams of mother yeast with 1 kilo of Caputo flour.

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Weight1 kg

Flour and flour


Bread, Pizza


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