Caputo type 00 Americana | 25kg

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Americana is specifically designed for artisanal American pizza. These 25 kilo packages have a shelf life of approximately one year. If you keep the bag closed and dry, you will enjoy it for a year.

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Caputo type 00 Americana

Do you like to eat American style pizza , in other words pizzas with a thick, soft bottom that you can invest generously with tomato sauce, salami and especially a lot of cheese? Then Caputo Americana is the product for you. This type 00 flour is ground from a mix of different wheat varieties selected for the Italian and European market. It produces beautiful grains that retain a lot of water and are particularly suitable for baking traditional American pizzas with a beautifully colored and crispy crust.

Content: 25 kilo
Flour type: 0
Protein: 14.25%
Dough and gluten strength: W 360/380
Elasticity: P/L 0.45/0.50

The right flour for every baking

At Hollands Kaashuis we love Mulino Caputo products. They have special flour or flour in their range for every baking, both sweet and savory. Many of these products can be ordered through our webshop. For example , make your own pasta with Caputo farina for pasta and gnocchi , or bake your own cookies or pastries with Caputo Pasticceria . There is always a Caputo product that suits your baking needs.

buy American pizza flour

Would you like to get started with this beautiful product yourself? Simply order a bag of Caputo ’00’ Americana at Hollands Kaashuis. This pizza flour is packed per 25 kilos, so you will have a large stock at home for the time being. Don’t you bake that often? This product stays good for about a year if you keep it closed and dry, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Moreover, you never have to wait long for your order. If you place your order before 10:00 in the morning, you will have the products at home that evening!

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