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If you want to get it right, then it is best to plan the fresh truffles with a professional truffle slicer. The handle is made of wood and the slicer has a knob with which you can adjust the thickness. With a truffle slicer you get the most out of your fresh truffles! By peeling the truffle super thin, more flavor surface is released, which makes your dish even tastier.

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truffle slicer

This truffle slicer is not only very easy for slicing your fresh truffles , but also for slicing vegetables, garlic, chocolate, mushrooms and cheese. This piece of quality tool is made in Italy .

This is a professional planer.

How do you slice truffles?

Although you can use a sharp knife or grater for slicing truffles, it is still advisable to purchase a good kitchen tool if you are a lover of truffles. It not only makes planing easier, but also faster and safer. But beware, the blade is razor sharp! It is therefore important to proceed with caution. We are happy to explain to you how best to do this.

To start, turn the adjustable knob to determine the thickness of the shavings. Take a mushroom or something similar to do a few test planes first and see if the thickness is to your liking. When you have the right thickness, take the truffle slicer well and firmly by the handle. Then scrape the truffle along the leaf that sticks out at the back.

Be careful with the last bit of truffle, you don’t want to scrape your fingers!

The truffle slicer is not only a handy tool for yourself, but also a nice gift for any truffle lover. Would you like to order fresh truffles right away? You can do that easily at the Dutch cheese house. We sell white truffles as well as black summer and autumn truffles.


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