Hand grater Boska mill + free Parmesan cheese

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Top quality cheese accessories, that is what we sell at the Dutch cheese house. With this grater at home you will never have to buy a new one.

With every Boska hand grater grinder you will receive 200 grams of Gran Padano for free

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Hand grater mill Romano Boska

This Romano manual grater from Boska is robust and does not just grate cheese. Chocolate, nutmeg and ginger are also no match for this grater.

With every Boska hand grater grinder you will receive 200 grams of Gran Padano for free

This Boska grater was only available for the professional kitchen, but is now also available for the home! Grating has never been so easy and safe . Thanks to the slim design and the handy turning mechanism, grating is very easy. With one hand, push the cheese through the grater, while using the other to turn. The grater can be used by everyone, it doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Not only is the grating itself easy, you can also easily clean the grater after use. It can simply go in the dishwasher.

You will find the best cheese accessories at the Hollands Kaashuis, including this hand grater. You will enjoy it because these accessories will last a lifetime.

Grate your own cheese

Did you know that it is better to grate your cheese yourself? Ready-to-use grated cheese from the supermarket often contains unnecessary additives, which makes the cheese taste different. The cheese also melts less well than grated cheese yourself. We are writing an article about it . We therefore recommend that you buy a nice piece of Parmesan , for example, and then grate it yourself. This will make your pasta taste even better!

Buy cheese accessories

Buying a cheese slicer, buying a cheese grater, you can do it all at the Hollands Kaashuis. We not only have delicious cheeses from all over the world , but also everything you need to cut and grate them. Take a look at our extensive range of cheese accessories . Ordered before 10:00 am today, shipped today.


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