Italian cheese

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Italian cheese

buy Italian cheese
Whatever the Italians do, they do it with passion. And you can taste that in the Italian cheese that comes from this beautiful country. At the Hollandskaashuis you can buy a huge selection of Italian cheese.

Italian cheese is the most eaten cheese in the world, Italy takes place 1 and 2 in the list of most eaten cheeses in the world. Mozzarella is in 1st place, closely followed by Parmesan cheese . In every corner of the world there is a great respect for Italian cuisine.

If you want to learn everything about every type of cheese, read our blog about Italian cheese here.
Real and fake cheese
But be careful, just like with Dutch cheeses, there is a lot of counterfeiting. This is understandable on the one hand, but also very unfortunate on the other.

Anyone who has eaten a pizza in Napoli knows that many pizzas you eat outside Italy do not contain real mozzarella. Parmesan cheese is also often the victim of bad counterfeit work. We import fresh supplies from Italy every week and we often visit the Italian cheese makers ourselves. In this way we guarantee top quality .

You will not find Parmesan cheese at better prices anywhere than with us. And we guarantee that you will only buy 100% authentic Italian products from us.
Fontina cheese
A cheese that we as insiders can tip you is Fontina cheese , this is one of the best Italian cheeses . This cheese is fantastically tasty, it is a soft creamy cheese made from cow’s milk. The cheese has a mild nutty taste and is perfect for example in a cheese fondue.

There are many versions of this cheese that are not made by hand, but our Fontina is still traditionally produced by hand. It also has the official PDO quality mark.
The best Italian cheese in the world
For real cheese lovers there is 1 cheese that is number 1 by far. Burrata . This delicacy is simply fantastic. This is a scoop of Mozzarella filled with fresh stracciatella cream. As soon as you cut open the ball, the cream flows out of the cheese. If you really want to make an impression, put this creamy topper on the table!