Gouda cheese

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Gouda cheese

Gouda cheese is world famous
This is without doubt one of the most famous cheeses in the world, and also a favorite of many Dutch people.

As always, this Gouda cheese is made from fresh Dutch milk. After the cheeses are made, they have to ripen, the shortest ripening time of all Gouda cheese is about 6 weeks. Gouda crumble cheese ripens in it for up to 3 years.

Gouda cheese does not always come from Dutch cows, or from the Netherlands at all. Gouda cheese is not a protected name. You can produce a piece of cheese in Japan and call it Gouda cheese. If you order cheese from us, we guarantee that the cheese comes from Dutch soil and from Dutch cows.

Gouda is still a tourist attraction for cheese making, there is still a weekly cheese market that you can visit. A day out for young and old.
The history of Gouda cheese
The word cheese has its origin in Latin, it comes from the word caseus, which means as much as cheese. Cheese has been produced the same way for decades.

When the milk of the cows has been milked and all the milk has been collected in large containers, rennet and starter milk are added. This causes the solids such as proteins, fats and minerals to separate from the milk. What you are left with is a watery substance, also called whey. Then salt is added to the Gouda cheese.
Cheese contains important building materials
Cheese is great for people’s health , in addition to important building blocks, it also contains proteins, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin D.

Many studies have been done on cheese and it has been shown that cheese is very good against cavities in your teeth. Cheese is a “living food”. That is because there are a lot of good bacteria and good fungi living in cheese.

Cheese can be made from a lot of different mammals, but in the Netherlands it comes in most cases from the cow.